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Microsoft's Internet Explorer reaches new low, less than 50% market share

Once touted as THE browser for home users, less than fifty percent keep on using it.
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From Harry Gibson on Boogie Woogie Blue
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Hurricane Irene 2011?

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James Van Der Zee: The Harlem Renaissance Photographer

During the Harlem Renaissance, all mediums were used to express their racial identity as well as their personal individuality, and some artists flourished One of those artists was the now legendary photographer James Van Der Zee.
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phpLD Affiliate Module

This mod was created by Simon on the phpLD forums, and there is a thread about it here: phpLD Affiliate Module Please contact Simon for support or questions, as this is a 3rd Party module.
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Need Help With Your Credit Card Debt?

Need Help With Your Credit Card Debt?
Every year it seems to get harder and harder to make ends meet let alone buy those nice little extras, so most of us turn to credit cards at some point. The trouble is credit card debt multiplies quickly and the next thing you know you are in over your head looking for help with your credit card debt.
First, you need to know you aren’t alone when it comes to problems with credit card debt, so take a little comfort in knowing that you are one of many. Some even have debt problems that are far more devastating than just dealing with cleaning up some credit card debt. 
So what’s the secret to tackling your credit card debt? It starts by not using your credit cards anymore. Cut them up and cancel them. You can keep one but not in your wallet. Instead put it in a Ziploc and then tuck it in the freezer. If an emergency arises, you still have a credit card.
Now you need to take stock of your situation by making a list of your credit cards and the balance that’s owing on them. Also, write down the date the payment and the interest rate charged. It’s quick and easy to do on your computer. That way it takes little or no time to update the record. This will give you an instant snapshot of your debt load.
Now that you have your list complete, you need to find the cards with the highest outstanding balance and highest interest rate. You want to clear off the highest interest rate card first. When you have two or more cards with the same interest rate you need to pick the one with the highest outstanding balance.
Check your points and reward plans to see if you are allowed to use points you’ve gathered towards the balance. Whenever possible do that. Even if it reduces the balance just a little, it all helps.
You should also consider options such as balance transfer or consolidation loans. With a balance transfer, you will transfer another card to the balance transfer card, which many times has a 0% interest rate for a specified time. The object is to take advantage of the lower rate to get the card paid off. More of your payment will go to principle so you will be able to pay it off quicker.
Consolidation loans combine all or some of your credit card debt into one loan. You will make one payment and the interest rate is often lower. Again, more of your payment will be going to principle rather than interest so another smart move if your debt load is getting you down. You can also chunk away at them one card at a time, then start by eliminating debt on the credit card that is contributing the most to your credit card debt.
Now is the time to practice self-control over your spending habits. Sure, you’d love that new pair of shoes or that new baseball glove but now is not the time. You need to be frugal with your funds while you are working hard to get out of debt.
Then once you are out of debt, you need to have the necessary willpower to keep your spending under control and to not return back to your old buying habits. 
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