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Microsoft's Internet Explorer reaches new low, less than 50% market share

Once touted as THE browser for home users, less than fifty percent keep on using it.
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Hipster Phrases

From Harry Gibson on Boogie Woogie Blue
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Hurricane Irene 2011?

It seems there could be a storm brewing.
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James Van Der Zee: The Harlem Renaissance Photographer

During the Harlem Renaissance, all mediums were used to express their racial identity as well as their personal individuality, and some artists flourished One of those artists was the now legendary photographer James Van Der Zee.
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phpLD Affiliate Module

This mod was created by Simon on the phpLD forums, and there is a thread about it here: phpLD Affiliate Module Please contact Simon for support or questions, as this is a 3rd Party module.
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A Quick Guide To Environmentalist Groups

A Quick Guide To Environmentalist Groups
We all live in a day and age when the environment most definitely matters. There are various stories in the newspapers and magazines on the shelves of newsagents, as well as various news stories and documentaries concerning the degradation of the environment that consumers and the corporate world are responsible for. It is everyone’s responsibility to look after the world we live in because, after all, it is us that have been placed in charge of this planet.
Development and industrialisation have seriously harmed the world that we live in and, as a result, there are any number of environmental issues that need addressing as soon as possible if any of the damage is to be reversed. For example, more and more species of plant and animal are becoming endangered every day as a result of their habitats being cleared for development as well as hunting in order to fulfil our own selfish wants and needs. The hole in the Ozone Layer is also enlarging every year, and thus global warming is beginning to really take its toll with extreme weather conditions being more prevalent than they have been in living memory. Soil erosion, deforestation and pollution levels also provoke great concern at the moment, but who is actually doing anything about it?
There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of environmental groups around the world. The majority of them offer membership and volunteer work for those that want to make a difference to the world we live in. The following are some of the most active groups around today:
Greenpeace – Greenpeace is the most renowned environmentalist group in existence today, purely and simply because of the amount of press that they have received over the years for the non-violent protests, various campaigns and issues that they get involved in. Greenpeace has helped to raise more awareness about environmental issues since it’s founding in 1971 than any other group. The one issue that really marked the group’s arrival on the world stage was whaling. At the time, pictures of Greenpeace boats were plastered all over the news, but they have significantly helped to bring in legislation on that issue, and long may their exploits continue.
World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) – The WWF is famous for its work with various endangered species through the years, and especially with the giant panda, the creature appearing on their logo. Present in over ninety countries, the WWF dedicates itself to natural issues like reforestation, endangered species and other similar environmental issues. They have successfully raised awareness throughout the world since the group’s foundation in 1961 and is now so popular that the WWF has more members than any other environmental organization worldwide.
Friends Of The Earth – Friends Of the Earth is one massive organization that incorporates over seventy local organizations that have united in an attempt to tackle environmental issues and make the world a better place. Issues they tackle include recycling, climate change, desertification, nuclear power, world trade and deforestation. Incorporated in this organization are activists, peaceful protesters, Internet campaigners and various other types of people that want to make a difference. As a result, it is one of the most comprehensive environmentalist groups out there today.
If any individual is interested in joining an organization in an attempt to make a difference and help to save the environment from further damage then he or she could check out any of the above groups. They all offer a variety of ways in which an individual can help. However, here are often local groups that could use your support too so make a difference from the bottom as well as the top!
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